Thursday, September 15, 2016

New Paint Color (Master Bedroom)

Our master bedroom just received a fresh new paint color- and this time I chose a much lighter and brighter color...seems to be more of a theme around here with paint colors these days. ;) The last paint color was SW Intellectual Gray (which you can see here), and although it was nice, I didn't feel it went well with BM's Gray Owl that we have in the hallway. 

So I decided to change things up in our room by just painting the walls!

Once I saw YHL's new master bedroom paint color, I knew it would be the color of choice for our bedroom as well. Here is a picture of YHL's master bedroom below.

                                            Image result for yhl BM Edgecomb gray master bedroom 

Beautiful, right??

I read their blog post to find out more information about what color they used and found out it was BM's Edgecomb Gray. 
I laughed out loud because this color has been mentioned to me on several occasions by friends and I never thought I would ever use it! Ha! I guess there is a good reason why it is such a popular paint color...sometimes you gotta listen to the pros.

So here are some pictures of the freshly painted walls in our space.

This gallery wall is filled with all the things I love and even our girls stop and look at some of the pictures when they walk into our room. :)

Had to throw in a picture of our wedding cake. Loved it then and still glad we decided to go with such a bold choice!

It's true what a lot of people say about Edgecomb Gray- it's gray AND it's beige depending on the time of the day and/or the lighting present. It's a very pretty neutral that would work pretty much anywhere!

Monday, September 5, 2016

First day...

Dear T,

It doesn't seem like long ago, we were watching you take your first steps, but now the day has come for you to start your first day of kindergarten! 

I have been telling myself I'm not ready for this season in life, but at the same time I'm excited for you and for us. 

I'm excited because it means you are growing up to be a strong and beautiful little lady. 
You are learning many new things and asking more complicated questions about life in general.
You're excited about school and making new friends- which eases a momma's worried heart. 
You don't understand how long the days will be from here on out (yet), but you will learn from it and grow.
You take each day as it comes with confidence and a worry-free attitude that speaks to me- it's something I want and need to learn from.

Together, as a family, we will make it through this year of changes as you (along with your sister and brother) grow day by day and as you spend more time away from home. (Still can't believe that school days last 7 hours). Before kids, I never gave much thought to the fact that parents were entrusting their kids to someone else for a good chunk of the day. My thoughts have changed now that I'm on the other end of that rope. 

Praying for a great school year for you and a smooth adjustment for all of us as we "ease" our way into something new!