Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Pink Closet Doors for a Girl's Room (and some other painted doors)

OK, so I said I'd be back to blog about the girls' finished pink closet doors...and here they are!

Let's backtrack a bit...
The color of these doors is actually a mix of two colors. I decided to buy a sample of SW Coming Up Roses (after seeing it on another blog).

After once quick coat on one of the doors, I knew the color alone was a bit too harsh.  

So I decided to mix in another color, BM's Revere Pewter, that we had left over from another project. After some trial and error, I finally got the color I was hoping for!

Here's the girls' bedroom with both the pink doors and the charcoal doors. I really love how both colors look together. So pretty!

If  you also look carefully, you can tell that I still need to add another coat to the back of their door. It's splotchy right now. I actually forgot that it needed another coat until I closed the door to take this picture ;) 
Oh, the joys of starting a project and not finishing it...

I'm also in the process of (slowly) painting the rest of the doors in our home with a nice charcoal gray called Kendall Charcoal. It's a BM color, but I had it mixed at Sherwin Williams for a much lower price. I painted the interior doors in our last house a nice gray and loved it so much I wanted to do that in this house.

For now, only a handful of our doors have been painted this color, like some of our upstairs doors. 
Even though I started this project about a month ago, there are still quite a few doors left to paint. That's how I roll. ;)

At this point, my goal is to complete most of the doors in our home by the end of June. 
We'll see if that happens!
(Update: It's now almost mid-July and there are still a couple doors to paint plus some touch-up to do on a few...looks like my goal wasn't reached...lol.)

Back to the girls' room...
the green rug goes perfectly with the pink doors and the walls. It was an "on the whim" purchase from T.J.Maxx last year, but it works in their room! 

Ms. Cutie face!!

I will end on one last picture of our stairwell...where you can also see another painted interior door. This one was painted with BM's Dragon's Breath. Although different from the other gray painted doors in our house, it works well there so there's no repainting it.

Our wooden frames in the stairwell mesh well with the color scheme. I also had to include a photo of our new light fixture that the hubs carefully hung up. It was a pain for him to put up, but he did a great job!
(also, maybe I should've turned off the light so the fixture itself wasn't so hard to see? Eh!)  
If you are looking to change your interior doors, I'd say go for it! And if you are looking for a nice charcoal gray, check out BM's Kendall Charcoal and/or BM's Dragon's Breath. Both are beautiful colors that work well on doors!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Sound of Gravel

I recently finished a memoir called, The Sound of Gravel.

                                              Image result


Now, I don't read on a regular basis and sometimes wish reading was something I enjoyed. However, this book had me at it's first page and I was able to finish it quickly.

Image result for dirt road

Let me back track a bit.
I first heard about this book through another blogger, Emily A. Clark. Occasionally, Emily blogs about books she has read, gives a short synopsis about them, and will recommend them to her readers as she sees fit. Not too long ago she did this with 9 books she recently read. When I reached her description of, The Sound of Gravel, what she said about it stuck out to me. She says this about the book, "If you choose just one from my list to read, pick this one. This is the first book that ever prompted me to immediately email the author after finishing it."

Um, what? I had to know more of what this book was about!

Being that I respect this blogger and knowing that she has read lots and lots of books, I decided to head to the library to pick it up. 

I will give you a little bit of information about the book without giving away too much detail in case you are interested in it. Like mentioned before, this book is a memoir. It's about a girl named Ruth Wariner who grew up in a polygamist family in the 80's. From the get-go, it's easy to see that the character of this woman, who was a little girl at the time, is resilient and strong. She endures poverty, heartbreak, and tragedy. There were a few moments in the book that made me cry because of what she went through. It was all so hard to believe and very disheartening. A few times I even had to put the book down and walk away from it, even after just reading only a couple of pages. With all that she went through, I'm in awe of the strength and positive outlook she now has as an adult!!

It's seriously one to read...and if you are an avid reader, you could definitely finish this in a couple of days. But be warned, it does get a bit dark. It's very eye-opening, however, and very sad at the same time to know the things some kids endure.

Let me know if you have ever read this book before or are planning to read it now!