Friday, March 10, 2017

DIY Wooden Frames- On the Cheap!

I have mentioned before that Staples offers some inexenspive B/W prints. Each one comes in a pretty large size to start. 

To my surprise, I just learned that they now offer colored engineering prints for under $10. I will be sharing more about that kind of print soon, but for now I want to share how you can create inexpensive frames for those engineering prints- so here it goes!

Once you order your prints and pick them up at Staples, wrap them around some inexpensive canvases. I purchased ours at a local craft supply store. You can secure your pictures either by stapling them or even taping them to the back of your canvas.

So here is how you make the frames.
Once you have your print and canvas ready, take some 1x2's (I purchased these at Lowe's) and measure the size you need to frame each canvas.

Next, take a and simply cut each 1x2 to size. Take a few small nails and hammer the 1x2's together to create your frame. (Just make sure to double check your measurements before cutting!)

Once the frames are done, make sure your canvas print will "fit" inside of the frames.

Stain each frame/wood piece using whatever stain you prefer.
I generally love to use Minwax Provincial stain. This can be found at any hardware store. I think we got this one at Home Depot. A little bit goes a long way.

Once your frames are dried and you've placed your canvas print inside, they are ready to hang!
I hung ours on the wall going up our stairs. A small nail did the trick since each one of these pictures/frames is pretty lightweight. 
That's another thing to love about this project! You don't have to worry about anchoring a heavy photo or frame to your walls.

I decided to place 4 on this wall. And I believe I chose the 18x24 prints for these pictures. 
All in all I'd say the total for this project cost roughly $20. And that also includes the frames!
Because we had the stain already on hand, I didn't include that in the price- BUT even if you do, this is still a pretty inexpensive project that makes a HUGE impact!

So if you are looking for a pretty quick and easy/inexpensive project, give this one a try! It makes for a rustic yet personal project that can add some character to your home. :)

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