Making a Tutorial Page

Hi friends.

Do you find it difficult to search for tutorials to change up your blog?

Man, I feel like it has been hard finding certain things to update my blog with and finally am getting around to making a link page to help me remember where to go when I need to look something up.

I am hoping this post helps you as well.
Making a Header
Next, Ashton shows us how to make a header using picmonkey...a site I wish I found out about years ago!
Widgets and Dividers
Louise Franks is a site that my hubby found, believe it or not, and she gives some great tutorials away.
Search Box
I wanted to create a custom search box, which I inquired the help of my hubby for, so if you are looking to do that, this website has a detailed post about it. 
Centering NavBar
Centering your Navbar is probably pretty important if you want things to look smooth and even on your blog. Cinsarah has a great tutorial for just that!

Adding a Custom Menu Bar
Over at Living, Laughing, and Loving blog, Renee shares a really great and detailed post about how to customize your menu bar/navigation bar. She has an easy-to-read tutorial on how to do that if you want to check it out!

Creating an Image Map for Your Blog
I absolutely loved this tutorial by Katy on how to use an image map. It may sounds complicated but once you get the hang of it, it was really quite easy to do. I used this tutorial to help make my navigation bar at the top of my blog page- under my header. This was a very useful tutorial for me!

These sites have some very useful information on how to personalize your blog and have fun with it!
I love that help like this is out there so it is possible to learn how to personalize your blog all on your own.

I hope you find this information useful as well AND
once again, thanks for stopping by!

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