Friday, June 27, 2014

A Very Special 3rd Birthday

As mentioned before, our oldest turned 3 yesterday!!
My husband and I were talking about how crazy that seems to us right now....we have a 3 year old! What?! 

She is a sweetie and very smart. We are so blessed to have been chosen as her parents and each day we all learn something new about parenting and life in general. 

Here are some photos I was able to take of our day. Like I said before, it was a small party, just the 4 of us (or 5 if you count the dog).  :)

I just love the picture above! Our youngest's big bright/wide eyes looking like they are up to no good and our oldest's cute she is trying to hard because she is working in cahoots with her sister. 
Sorry about our little one's hair there...I always put it up in a pony tail because her hair is just so dang long and it gets in her face all the time. But I forgot to put it up in a pony tail that day.

Big girl opening all her presents up! 
And of course her little sister has to help out in some way as well by opening presents herself. Thankfully our oldest didn't seem to mind too much. ;)


Haha....Look at that smile! What a cutie!
She loves being a cowgirl...well, she actually tells people she is a cowboy so there's a bit of confusion there. We are workin' on it!
It is funny because she will go up to kids on the playground (some she knows and some she doesn't) and just tell them in a loud voice, "Hey! Guess what? I'm a cowboy...yeehaw!!" 
And I am not joking about that...she actually says that to other kids so this outfit from her grandparents is totally appropriate!

I think we got to work on how to properly put on a cowboy hat. She is 3, what more do you want?! :)

And the many faces of our little one.
She is quite the charmer that one!

I am not sure what was happening in this picture above.
If my memory serves me correctly, I think it was a mini-meltdown she had because her sister was putting the top onto the lego box and that was not OK.
We got over it though and moved on thankfully. :)

And the cake was a hit!
Our beautiful princess told us she wanted a chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, graham crackers, and strawberries.
She has great taste I must say!


It was a fun day and we shared many great memories!
Happy birthday Tess love!
We love you so much and are blessed to have shared this day with you.
Happy 3rd birthday!

Birthday Post!

Happy Friday everyone!

Our oldest is 3 already and we had a small family party for her yesterday.
I took some photos that I still need to edit and am hoping to post them soon!

Stay tuned and have a great Friday!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Completed Home Tour Continued

I finally have more photos of our home to share today.
These were taken by a local photographer who did a great job.

I am still learning how to take better pictures for the has been fun to learn and I get so many new ideas of how to photograph spaces after looking online at other talented bloggers.

I hope you enjoy the photos and tour of our home!!

I've finally got some great pictures of our home and am excited to have these up for you guys. :)

Have a great rest of the weekend folks!!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Tour Our Home Part I

Well, I finally got some pictures together for a tour of our home.
I have some photos of our entryway, sitting nook, and dining room.

I plan on getting the rest of our home photographed once I have more time, but this week, I was going to share these 3 spaces. 

I went with neutral colors throughout our home because it's what we love. Mixes of grays, beige, green, and blue happen to be some of our favorite incorporating them into our home was something I knew we could do.

Here are some of the photos I took recently of our home...we will start with just a few pictures of our entryway.

Since we don't have a coat closet, I built this coat rack using some wood from the Home Depot and added 3 coat hooks. It keeps our jackets/coats, hats, sweaters, etc handy for when we need them.

Next to our coat rack, we have a dresser for shoes and keys, etc. 
I made the frame for the picture above the storage dresser with some wood that I stained.
I had the picture blown up for cheap at Staples.

Next, we move on to the sitting area.
This is a great place not only for some reading, but we also use it as a place to put our shoes on. :)
It's very functional.
And next to the painted blue chair is another shoe storage cabinet from IKEA that I bought a while back and painted and added hardware to.

 Our dining room is next up on the tour....
I still feel like this space could use a bit more color...maybe on the buffet table....but for now, it's going to stay this way. ;)

The curtains were painted to give a bit more color and add some drama to the room.
The bench was upholstered in a green fabric that I absolutely love! The fabric is also an indoor/outdoor fabric and has held up to many spills and that! 
I also added a black and white print to the wall above the buffet table. It adds some eye candy to an otherwise blank wall with mirrors.

I have more pictures to come this week so stay tuned!

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!