Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Quick Entryway Photos

Ok, so I am back today with some entryway photos like promised!

I took just a couple since our entryway is not that big, but the punches of green with the gray and khaki walls helps to keep it updated and purty!

Here are some photos!

The mirror and the lamp shade (a Target clearance) I painted in Sherwin Williams beautiful green color called LeapFrog. It's a nice shade of green and it works great with the wall color and the door color. :)

I added some fresh greenery from outside (I love doing that!) to the shoe center area.

We also have a gray box by the entryway for little things like kid's sunglasses and spare change.

Our umbrella holder was a thrift store purchase back in the day and it is holding up great! I recovered it in some twine I bought from the Home Depot.

That about does it for the entryway may be small, but it doesn't lack in storage and style!

Thanks for stopping by!

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