Saturday, March 4, 2017

And They're Off....

the training wheels, that is!!!

One day, after school, my kids wanted to play outside with our neighbors (something we've been happily doing a lot since the weather has been pretty nice). My oldest asked me to take her training wheels off, and I was pretty hesitant...mainly because I didn't think she was ready yet. However, she was pretty persistent about it, so I took them off. With a little help, she was riding without training wheels in about 10 minutes. 
I couldn't believe it! 
So, of course, like any happy mom, I had to take tons of pictures and a couple of videos- because it was a pretty exciting!!

This little booger was trying to catch up with his big sis- but also making mama a little nervous with how quick he was to run out onto the road!

She just loves riding her bike even more now than she did before. It even encouraged her sister to give a try riding her little bike without training wheels. But, she is still pretty young, and can't do it yet. :)

Here is a picture of her after she first learned to ride her bike without her training wheels:

You can see from this photo that it was a pretty warm day...which is unusual weather for late February. Needless to say, we are having pretty cold weather this week...but as soon as it warms up again, you can bet this girl will be back on her bike riding around like a boss! ;)

Kids are pretty amazing, I have to say. It always seems like they can do the unexpected. And I'm not saying that riding a bike without training wheels is unexpected...but it wasn't something we encouraged her to do that day....she just decided she was going to learn how to do it and with much determination, did! 

Where does the time go?!

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