Friday, June 5, 2015

Half Bathroom Updates

Our half bathroom has been pretty much completed. At some point, all of the toilets and tubs will be changed out/updated. But for now, we have yellow ones which can look pretty dingy when updating the rest of a home, but at least they are functional!
I made some small changes to this space because it is pretty small and didn't need much work. The original homeowners had floral wallpaper in this room and it was actually something I really liked, but they took down a good majority of the wallpaper in the house before we bought it so we didn't have any say in that.
I had also planned on adding some stripes to the bathroom with some moulding, but decided against it once the walls were painted white. I got my hubby's opinion and he said he liked the brightness of the white too so I just left it like that and decided not to do stripes.

I would also like to change out the light fixture in here, but again, that will be another small project for another time. :)

The walls were a yellow/tan before I painted them with Sherwin Williams Alabaster. I would recommend this color to anyone who is looking for a great white but nothing too stark. It almost has a hint of cream to it which helps keep it from looking to stale on the walls. It really helped freshen up the space, and since we have a little window in here, it helps to keep things bright.
I added a wooden wall shelf that I cut and stained in espresso. It is actually one of my favorite things in this space. I love it so much I am looking for other places to put some. :)
The cabinets were painted in a darker gray called Gauntlet Gray by Sherwin Williams. I chose this color because I wanted something darker and richer than the original color we had painted on there, but it also goes well with the walls in the main part of the house since those colors are on the same paint chip card together.
I changed out the original knobs for some pretty blue and silver ones that were a Christmas gift from my step-mom last year. I think they are so cute!The gold mirror was an antique gift from my mom several years ago. I also added some frames to the one empty wall just to add some more color and interest to the small space. And that is about it!
It is a small room, but serves it's purpose in our home, and now it feels more like us.

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