Thursday, August 13, 2015

Still Much to Do, but Here Is Progress in our Living Room

 **Note: This room is by no means finished, but this is the progress we have made so far after living in this home for 11 months.

What we love about this room is the original moulding on the windows and the walls. I painted quite a few pieces of woodwork in this house but really want to keep the moulding in here original without painting it. I know that to some people, that may mean that it doesn't necessarily flow well with the rest of the house, but there is something about the way this room looks with the wood trim that I love and I don't want to mess with that. It feels warm and cozy and I want our living room to feel that way.

In the picture below, I want to add some window artwork to that empty big wall...I'm thinking something along the lines of these ideas. 

Originally, this room started out as my husband's office. It worked for a little while, but overall wasn't that great of an idea because whenever he would have work to do at home, our girls would just keep coming in here and playing and that would make work for him a little hard to complete. So we moved his office (someday I will have that done and ready to show) to another, much smaller, room in the house with a door and that has worked out really well for him.

Plus, I like the fact that I can decorate this room now and we actually do use it quite a bit as a nice sitting room to read and relax.

Oh, and you will see pictures of this sweet one popping up here and there on this post because she just HAD to get in the pictures. Of course I didn't mind. :)

Eventually, I would love to switch out the pillows on the couch for something a little more substantial, like what we have in our family room, but for now these will stay.
I would also like to add a decorative mirror between the 2 windows where the couch sits. I have yet to find the right one.

This little girl and her poses. She loves the camera! I don't even have to tell her to smile...she just hams it up for the picture on her own.

And this is what the room looked like a few months ago when we began rearranging things around. That recliner got moved to the family room and the desk was moved to the other side of the living room. Those lights hanging also came down...they were from the original owners but were a little outdated for me, so we threw them out. Plus, one of them was cracked and missing glass and they never worked. So much for functional hanging lights!

All in all we are pretty happy with the progress made so far in here. It's always fun to see how a room changes over time. 
It will probably take me another year to fully complete, but that's how life goes when you have 3 little ones. :)

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