Saturday, August 26, 2017

Happy Birthday, Little Big Man

Oh, Gavin! How can it be that you are now 2?! 
My how the time flies.

You have brought so much joy, energy, and love to our family. We all want to wish you a happy, happy birthday! Here's to an amazing year for you, my son- our train loving, dirt playing, rough and tumble boy! 

I hope you enjoy some of the many photos I took of our most recent family trip (more pictures to come!).

Notice the dirt on your pants. My how you love playing in the dirt- and when it's been mixed with water, what a fun combo that becomes for you! 

You spent a good 10 minutes picking apart the leaves off of this plant. ;) For some reason, you were so focused on taking off each little leaf one by one to expose the little branch. Wish I could know what you were thinking about as you did this.

Beep, beep!

And yes, you still LOVE your thumb! Can't go a day without it. 

My loves!!

On our most recent family trip to the mountains, you couldn't resist stopping on our walks to pick up rocks and rubble. What a boy!

We are so thankful you have been given to us. To be able to celebrate another birthday with you is a blessing. Almost every night, we pray for God to protect you and love you. We also pray that the older you get, the more you will come to know Him and know of His promises. He has given us much hope- a great hope that we need in this world. He loves you greatly, as do so many. Happy birthday, little big man!

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