Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Happy Birthday, Lydibug!! The Big 5!!!

Little Lady,

Happy 5th birthday to you! 

You are the girl with a bubbly personality who loves big. You inspire me to be a better person and mother because of this and because of the way you view life and relationships. 

You have this God-given gift to see people the way they want to be seen. You greet everyone with a smile and a "hello!" which makes people feel like they've known you for a while. It's a gift that I admire about you and I love to watch you use it to make others feel loved. 

You are a Daddy's girl at heart and enjoy spending precious time with him when you can. I love watching the two of you interact. It brings me great joy knowing you look up to him because he is a great man.

You dearly love your sister and brother. And although little brother shows little patience with you sometimes, you barely let it upset you.  You give him space when he needs it and forgive fiercely.

I really admire how you love big, Lydibug. I have this strong feeling that once you start kindergarten, you will have no trouble at all forming fast friendships with your peers and being the girl that some will look up to. And while I'm not wishing that time to go quickly, I do look forward to watching you grow, learn, love God and love people. 

Happy, happy birthday sweet one! You are an amazing gift!!

I love you!

Here's a throwback picture of you with some of the people you love the most. Too sweet not to share. 

Oh how time flies!

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