Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Making Over a Thrift Store Bench

Ever since our oldest has been walking, which I have to admit has been a long time, we have been talking about buying a stepping stool for her.
She is a climber and will use anything in her path to stand on in order to get to something.
Rock climbing in her future? I think maybe!!

I knew I didn't want to buy anything new so I looked at a few thrift stores but never found much...partly because it's hard to make it to thrift stores with both girls in tow.

But over the weekend, I told my husband I wanted to check out my favorite thrift store, and SCORE!!! I found what I was looking for...and even better it cost me about $3.00!

As soon as I brought it home, our daughter was in LOVE!

I immediately cleaned it up and painted it with none other than my chalkboard paint...gotta love that stuff!

And after a few coats and some dry time, I brought it inside.
Even better, when our girls are older and don't need to use it anymore, I have plans to put it on our porch as a decoration.
It looks good holding a few pumpkins when the season is do I know this? I already tried it out! ;)

I love that it transforms from a stepping stool to a bench to sit on.

What treasures have you spotted at your local thrift store?

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  1. Perfect. I love it and she will be much safer. Hugs, Marty

  2. Funny, I just made over my stool too! Will be posting it tomorrow. Great job on yours, Stephanie! :)

  3. Thanks Marty and Weiya, I love your painted stool too with the splash of blue!

    Thanks again ladies!

  4. This is a great stepping stool and will make a great decor item - you did a wonderful job transforming it!
    I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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