Wednesday, September 25, 2013

$9.00 Thrift Store Transformation

I am so excited to show you my thrift store transformation!!
I purchased a $9.00 table from a thrift store awhile ago and this is my second time revamping our table.

This revamp is wayyyy better than the first time around if I do say so myself. ;)
I added beadboard wallpaper to the sides and painted it in a gray color that I mixed together myself.
I also painted a creamy white border around the desk's sides to blend in with the molding I added on each side of the desk.

The gray paint color really makes the desk pop in this room.

I would LOVE to add some detail to the back of the chair with push pins, but I'm waiting for a coupon to use at the craft store before that happens.

Have you found any neat deals at the thrift store lately??
Also, I will be back tomorrow with a great giveaway!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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