Monday, May 12, 2014

Updates on Sweet Ella Joy

I know Mother's Day was yesterday and I didn't post about that, but ever since I read about the update of Ella Joy on a post written by Anne on Saturday, I have been thinking about that ever since. This family (The Won's) and their story is so amazing. They are going through a tough journey in life right now, but Ella Joy's mother is so amazing! She really blows me away and I keep praying that God will bless this family for their faithfulness to Him.

If you have time to read a bit about it, you can read about their journey here. It gets me teary-eyed every time I read her pour her heart out to God for her little girl, especially now that I am a mother to 2 little ones myself. I can't imagine what they are going through but I can pray with them!

Even though this family is going through a very difficult season in their life, they never stop giving thanks to the Lord and His faithfulness. I mean, I don't even do that in times of joy!! Convicting!! And yet, here this family is sharing their struggles with so many and crying out to God for his love and mercy. It really speaks to me and to be honest, it convicts me.

If you can, will you keep praying for this family and for healing in Ella Joy's life as she battles stage IV cancer. Please!

Thank you for taking time to read about this and for thinking about this family.

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