Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Some Lovely Inspirations

Hi there!
Happy Wednesday!

Well, today is a good day for our family...we are finally over being sick....well, almost!
It seems like if one person in the family gets something, then it just passes on to the rest of family. It's how it works I guess. 
We are so thankful for prayer and for medicine that we can take to treat our symptoms and illnesses. Praise the Lord!

Today, I have 2 images of inspiration for you. These are some things I would like to keep for the future when we move so I can try them in a new place. You will probably recognize these photos if you read design blogs. :)

The first up is from Dear Lillie. I love how she has chosen to decorate her home...each space is unique and beautiful! She has a great eye for design, that's for sure.

I love this! She created her own sideboard and painted/stained it and added a chalkboard picture to the top for notes. Gotta try this!!
She even added an eye hook to the side of the sideboard...I just noticed that but what a clever idea!

And here is the second inspirational photo I' is from Young House Love.

 I love what Young House Love did here in their bedroom. They added a gallery wall of personal photos to their room and it turned out fantastic. Such a beautiful way to add family memories.

These are only 2 images of spaces, but they have really changed the way I've thought about putting a room you can bet I am keeping these for the next house.

Thanks for stopping by!

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