Friday, December 19, 2014

Random Musings and Other Things

In a few short weeks, the year 2014 will be over and it will be time to ring in a new year. 2015 is almost here and as I look back at this year, I am amazed at not only how quickly it went (does that happen to you guys?) but how wonderful it was as well.

We sold our last house quite quickly and moved to a new area and bought a "new" home. My hubby's commute to work is much better than it was before and we are both very happy about that! Our girls are healthy and growing and they play more and more with each other as the days pass. They even share a room now at night and LOVE it! :) We are so pleased about that. So many other things have happened that would be too much to mention here for now, but maybe another time.

Today, I just wanted to share some quick pictures I took around the home of things that make me happy to look at because they remind me of how you can create and make something your own if you just put your mind to it.

This kitchen has seen quite the change since we moved in a few months ago. We love it so much and are always doing something in here. That is probably why I take so many photos of it and it is always changing. We cook, bake, and eat here....all the time!


This picture of my hydrangeas got quite the attention on my Facebook page this week.
Hydrangeas are my favorite flower and I was so excited when a friend offered to give me a whole batch of them from her garden. I didn't even know you could dry hydrangeas out and still decorate with them! They are beautiful.  

This chair has seen a few transformations in its day and it is still going strong. You all know how much I love to thrift shop and this was one of those purchases back in the day when we bought our first house. It is very sturdy and has a beautiful shape, which is why I was drawn to it in the first place. Once you can see past the not-so-pretty in a piece, I say buy it and make it beautiful and your own!

These double French doors lead out to our deck. In our last house, we always talked about putting in French doors in the dining room, but now we don't have to because when we bought this home, they were already here! The original owners had painted them to look like wood, but I wasn't having it, so I painted them back to white. It opens things up a bit more and brightens the whole look of this room.

In the mornings, we love to eat breakfast at this little nook and stare out the large picture window. We don't have any curtains or blinds here and I would like to keep it that way. Deer will occasionally skitter back in the woods and onto our property.  

This door always makes me smile when I walk past it... not just because it is a wood door but also because this is where we keep our Christmas cards and letters from friends and family. More keeps coming too. :) We didn't do any Christmas cards this year, but we plan on it next year! I am sure it will be an interesting yet fun experience.

Hardwood floors....need I say more?! We didn't have any in the last house and desperately wanted to put some in, but couldn't afford it at the time. Love moving in to a place in which it has already been done. And that wall color, Sherwin Williams Intellectual Gray, LOVE it! We have it in our master bedroom as well (which I have yet to photograph).

And I leave you with one last picture of our oldest sleeping beauty. She can fall asleep just about anywhere when she is tired, unlike her younger sister who prefers her crib at nap time.
Both of our girls we call "princess" because, well, they are princesses (and in a good way)! ;)

This will probably be my last post for this year before the new year begins.
On that note, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...and hope that you know that the reason for this season is the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and the love He brings!

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