Monday, December 1, 2014

Some Christmas Around the House

Just wanted to share some pictures of our home decorated with a little Christmas decor. We haven't done too much, but it is enough that it feels like Christmas is almost here and we are enjoying that.

I also wanted to share some before photos with you of our home to compare the difference between then and now and how far we have come in the process of making this more our home....and bringing the place a little more up to date. 
Oy...I cringe just a little  when I look back at these old photos of our home after we moved in. When we first moved into this home, we had (and still have) green carpet downstairs, blue carpet upstairs, green countertops in the kitchen, mint green walls in the bedrooms, and mismatched wallpaper GALORE everywhere else. All of the appliances are 15-20 years old. We still haven't been able to replace them because of finances, but we are saving up to do so some where down the line.They are functional, but for many reasons, it will be nice to replace them for sure!

Here is a photo of the kitchen before we got to work taking down the upper floating cabinets.


Here is the after...which means "after" taking the upper floating cabinets down, painting, adding new hardware, etc. MUCH better!

We really love our kitchen...there is PLENTY of space to put cookware, dishes, etc. even after the floating cabinets were taken down- which is something a few people thought we wouldn't have enough of. But really, how much space do you really need? I think we have plenty and then some still. And we have a kitchen island that is perfect for prepping food and baking...which is something we never had in our last home. The island also has storage space as well. We couldn't be any happier with that!

Here are a few more before photos...

And this is what it looks like currently after we did some more work to the kitchen area.

And how about some more Before pictures for kicks and giggles.....

Woah!!! Okay, now I can share a few more updated pictures.....
there is still a ways to go with this house, but it IS progress and I can't be any happier with that than what we have been able to get done so far. :)

Still love that large picture window and the girls enjoy eating their breakfast here.

You know, it's funny because before we moved into this house, one of the first things I wanted to do was replace the green carpet in the family room with something a bit more updated and neutral....BUT, finances came into play again and once we started getting quotes on how much all of that was going to cost us, we just had to wait and save. Hopefully, by next summer, we will have the old carpet gone for good though. It had been with the previous home owners for a long time and for sanitary reasons and such we are hoping to replace it.

I will be back tomorrow with more photos of our home and the Christmas touches...some will be repeats of today's pictures and there will be more new ones added to the mix.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy December everyone!!


  1. I'm trying so hard to get in the Christmas mood. So far, I got nothing, but that doesn't mean I can get away without some kind of decorating, so here goes nothing. Maybe a little music will be the cure.

    It's looking lovely at your place.

    1. Thank you, Dayle. You are always so sweet! I love Christmas and have been so inspired by all the decor out there that it was hard not to get into the Christmas mood. The girls also love decorating the house....their favorite was the Christmas we added a small one in their room. :)

  2. HUGE difference! Great decision to remove the top cabinets. I'm sure your house instantly felt newer and more open. I feel your kitchen remodeling pain, just finished up some of my own. Beautiful makeover, thanks for linking up with us at Best of the Nest!


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