Thursday, April 30, 2015

Updating Some Chairs in our Master Bedroom

So a few days ago I shared our master bedroom update with you after we added some new curtains. 
Today's post is all about updating some chairs.

Originally, we had these dark chairs in our room that really brought the room down and made everything darker. I actually do like darker and cozier spaces, especially for a master bedroom, but once they were next to our dark dresser, I knew they needed a change. So I changed our the seat covers for something a bit lighter and brighter to lighten up everything.
This was a simple change I made and something anyone can do. It was also pretty inexpensive because I ended up just using a big tablecloth from Target for them. There is still more cloth left for other projects, which is always nice.

Let's get to the updates (before and afters), shall we?!

 See how dark they were? I thought painting the seats black would be a quick way to update them, but sadly, the paint never dried completely...which is weird because I am not new to painting fabric and that hasn't happened before.
But I knew they needed to be changed out for not only design, but function as well. 

Much lighter and brighter....and BETTER!

I have actually thought about painting the dresser and our headboard (since it matches the dresser) but I do like the look of wood so it will stay like this for now.

The backs of the chairs were painted with circles using a small roller. I did this quite a while ago and didn't take many pictures of the before...but they have been through quite the change.

That's all I have for to complete a few small projects and hope to blog about them soon.

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  1. The chairs are so unique. I love your imagination.


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