Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A DIY Mobile for a Nursery

We have had some crazy weather changes here recently...and because of that, some of us have been feeling a little under the weather. Going from a high of 70 degrees one day to a high of 50 degrees the next doesn't give your body much time to adjust to the changes. Thankfully, we all seem to be on the mend and just hope we don't get hit with anything bigger this year. 
With that said, I haven't had much energy to conquer the nursery (which has been the next project on my mind to complete)- but I did manage to make a mobile for our son's room. It was a pretty simple project and I'm excited to share the details with you all.

First, I enlisted my helpers!

We gathered a few big sticks from the outdoors that we thought would look good hanging up in the nursery.

In the end, I gathered 3 sticks (even though only 2 are pictured below) and used twine to hold them together.
 For anyone wondering, our kitchen counter-tops are still holding up well!)

Then the girls and I started quickly cutting out circles (using our circle punch of course!) in a variety of colors.

We stuck with colors that would work with the new wall color that will be going up in here- yellow, green, blue, white, and even orange (which was a color one of my daughters demanded be used).  ;)
To hang the circles, I just used some sewing thread and tape. I thought about using twine to hang the circles, but am glad I didn't go down that road. It would have made the piece look and feel heavier.

I found an eye hook that was perfect for hanging the mobile from the ceiling.

Surprisingly, I think it turned out better than expected! The room is coming together and I'm hoping that with the new paint color going up in here, it will look even more finished.

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