Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Boy's Nursery

Our son's room has finally started coming together. Like usual, the room isn't finished- still would like to change out the rug in his room for something else, hang a photo of our kiddos over his crib, get some blinds for his windows, and recover the window bench seat (not pictured) with a more updated fabric. BUT, even though those things haven't been done yet, I decided to go ahead and share all of the progress that has been made so far. 

So come on in!

A photo of my little man and I (in the picture below)

You can also see, from the picture above, that the green doors tie in with the green color on the walls in the reading room.

My favorite part of this makeover are the green doors!!! I went with the same bold color as the reading room- BM's Bunker Hill Green and I have to say, this color is pretty amazing. If you are looking for that perfect "kelly green" than this is it. It's nice and rich and would look great painted on furniture too!
As an FYI, I have had all of these Benjamin Moore colors mixed at Lowe's using the SW brand. I had no idea that Lowes could even do that, but ever since finding out about that last year, it's where I go for paint colors now.

For the walls, I ended up mixing 4 different colors together. :)
And yes, you read that right.....4 different colors were used in this room!!
I mixed up BM's Early Morning Mist, BM's Halo, SW Alabaster, and a very small amount of SW Gauntlet Gray. The final color ended up being a little more gray than I was expecting (probably because of the Gauntlet Gray color which is pretty dark on its own), but it all worked out in the end.  These 4 colors were all samples sizes too- with each being less than $4 a piece...so the price to paint this room came in well under $15. That's a pretty good deal if you ask me! And I even had some leftover paint left (to my surprise) that I saved for some touch-ups. 

I cannot wait to add some of the other touches to the room I mentioned earlier- especially the large black and white photo that will go over his crib. And I have just the perfect picture picked out already!

In conclusion (do people ever say that anymore), this room ended up taking a different route than I was originally planning. I nixed the stripe idea after my hubby and I started measuring for it in the room. We both knew it would be a big time commitment to do, and I just didn't feel like the room needed them. That's why the doors were painted green because I wanted to tie in that bold color somehow to the room and I'm glad that I chose to paint the doors over doing stripes in the end. I think it all worked out! :)

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