Friday, January 29, 2016

A Reading Room for the Kids

One of the first things we noticed that was a bit quirky as we walked thru our home for the the first time was this room that looked like it had no purpose. It may have just served as a small room or hallway for the original owners but we are not sure since the house wasn't staged when we came to look at it
There are 2 leads to the playroom and the other to the nursery.  

Here is what this room originally looked like before its makeover.
  Gah...I am so thankful they at least took down most of the wallpaper in this house before we moved in!

I was stumped for a while thinking about what to make of this room because I had no idea why it was put here. If you ask me, it would have been best served as a small bathroom, but that was no where in our budget to do so we had to get creative.
My original plan with this space was to create a homework area for our kids. I had envisioned some built in desks by the window and a wall of books to the opposite side. Well, once this room started coming together, I decided to nix the built in desks and just use what we already had. Thus, the space became what we now call the "reading room."  We also house the kids' Lego's and an alphabet wall in here. I think it all works perfectly!

Here is the room now after a little bit of paint and organizing.

My favorite thing about this room is the wall filled with books! We had one in our last house and I knew I wanted to repeat it again in this house.

Oh, and in case you didn't notice, I went with a BOLD paint color for the walls. Maybe it's not so much of a bold wall color to most people but since I prefer a more neutral palate, I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and this room was the perfect place to try out something new. The walls were painted in BM Bunker Hill Green and I HIGHLY recommend this color. It is a very handsome color (if you can call a paint color that!) and I think it would also would work nicely in a home office as well.

This room is almost finished...the only things that are missing are a chair rail to separate the top half of the wall color from the bottom half and changing out the older light fixture in here (not pictured for a reason) for something more fun and modern.

Well, here's to hoping our kiddos actually use this room as it's name now implies. ;)

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