Friday, January 8, 2016

Get the Look


We all know that Pottery Barn is a pretty popular store to shop and has a look that many people want try to have in their home. And I get it, their pieces are classic, timeless, and beautiful. However, it also comes as no surprise that their items are very costly- so most of us mimic the Pottery Barn look by getting pieces that look similar without the big price tag.
Well, now they have apparently come out with a new line called "The Collected Home." The price tag is still high but the pieces are interesting and not what you would typically think when you think Pottery Barn!

Poppy Botanical Print Shower Curtain

They have a variety of items to choose from in their bath collection and home furnishings decor as well. 


They even have a "collected look" lighting section with some unique pieces.

Marina Round Pendant  

 Explosion Chandelier I really LOVE this picture! The dark walls, wood tones, and gold touches- it's stunning!

 To be honest, these pieces don't even look like your typical Pottery Barn items...and I'm sure that was intentional. Don't you think a few of their pieces look like something you could get from Target or IKEA? (and for a lot less)?
Again, I love Pottery Barn, but the prices are so high that we don't actually own anything from them- but we do have some things that "look" like came from a Pottery Barn store (at least I think so). :)
Now that they have this new look in stores, and the fact that you can create a similar look at home, it makes me wonder if they are going in a different direction as a store. Although, I'm sure they will always sell their signature pieces!

Anyways, do you own any Pottery Barn items or are you the kind of person (like me) who just likes having the "Pottery Barn look" in your home without the big price tag (because it is possible to get a similar look for less!).

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