Friday, July 29, 2016

Guest Room- A Chalkboard Accent Wall

Our guest room is now complete, so I'm ready to post some pictures of the space.

But before the reveal, here is how the room looked before adding the chalkboard wall.

A few months ago, I had gone ahead and added some wrapping paper to the back wall- which wasn't a bad idea originally, but I didn't like how the overall pattern created this business to a very small space that just didn't work. So I decided to take down the wrapping paper and save it for it's original use (yes, wrapping things). Go figure. :)

After making the decision to use chalkboard paint on the back wall, I went out and bought some and taped the sides of the wall that I didn't want painted (the prep work always seems to be the most tedious part about any project).

Then it was time to paint...I had to do 2 coats, but it didn't take too long since I was only doing one wall.

This wall isn't technically "finished" because the directions on the paint can say to cover the entire wall with chalk and then erase it before writing on it. Doing so keeps anything from becoming permanent on the background when you are ready to write, but I never did that yet...haha! I'm sure I will get to it soon, but I just really wanted to get this post up, so I quickly wrote down "Be Our Guest" for the photos just so I had something up on the wall. 

As an aside, this room was really hard to photograph because it's small and doesn't get much light from the one window we have, so the pictures might not be the best quality. Anyways, I think adding a darker accent wall to this smaller space helped create some drama and fun to an otherwise small and cramped space!

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