Friday, October 28, 2016

Outdoor Fairy Garden

I don't know what it is about fairy gardens, but I find them so cute and fun! You can find a variety of them along with their accessories at different craft stores and garden centers. In fact, one of the first places we spotted our very first one was at a local garden center in our area several years ago...this particular garden area also offers workshops on how to create one. Although we've never done this before, it did plant some ideas of how we could create one of these at home.

After searching thru some pictures online and remembering what the ones from the garden center looked like, I starterd with the basics and looked around our home to see if there were any items we already had that we could use for the garden...because, let's face it, accessories can add up in cost!
My best advice to how you can stay under-budget is to shop your house and yard.

Please don't mind the shoes on the wrong feet. At this point I'm pretty convinced she does it on purpose. ;) Personality, this one!

Here is the breakdown of items we had combined with items we purchased:

We had the following items:
1. wooden bird house ($1) painted. Bought at a craft store.
2. rocks/pebbles (free)
3. blue gems (several years old) Used in our wedding which is a fun little fact!
4. dirt (probably an obvious one and free)
5. seashells (free)
6. popsicle sticks

Purchased these following items:
1. drain pan ($1) from Dollar Tree!
2. small figurines (from a previous project and about $4)
3. pumpkins (2 for $1) from Dollar Tree
4. Bridge ($1) Dollar Tree

We also added some seeds to the dirt in hopes that we would be able to grow some grass/greenery...along with some acorns my daughter found at a park one day. :)

Overall, this project cost about $10!!! I'd say that is pretty darn good. The girls and I would also like to buy a little fairy figurine for the garden, so we hope to do that soon. :)

In the meantime, the girls are having fun adding a few more pebbles here and there that they find on the road and they also enjoy playing with the little bunny (who is sadly missing his ears because my son broke them off) and a mushroom figurine in the garden. :) We are still waiting for some grass to grow as well. It's been a fun little lesson in plant growth for the girls and myself since I do not have a green-thumb!

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