Saturday, January 7, 2017

Our First Snow of the New Year

Well, we got our first snow for 2017, and it was a big one! They are estimating we might get about 15 inches for our area- which is the most we have had here in a while. 

 The kids were really, really excited to wake up this morning and see all the snow that had fallen overnight. They were begging us to go outside immediately. So after we ate breakfast, we all got dressed and went out! Here are some pictures of our snowy "adventure". ;)

The girls LOVED playing in the snow (and even eating some of it!), but our son was a bit skeptical of it at first. It was a little difficult for him to maneuver around in it with his snow pants on and jacket so he didn't stay out too long. He wanted in after about 15 minutes or so (I couldn't blame him!!).

Our dog sure loved running around in it!

We tried to push the girls around on a boogie board down the ditch in the front yard, but the snow was a little too powdery for that. We weren't able to build a snowman either, but are hoping to be able to later today or tomorrow-once the snow gets more wet.

Here's to some hot chocolate later and hopefully making a fire tonight to keep warm!! 
Stay safe everyone!!

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