Monday, December 18, 2017

A Few More Pictures of Christmas Decor Around the House

Well, Christmas is just one week away! 
I still find that hard to believe. I feel like the older I get, the faster time flies (and I've probably said that a few times on this blog!) Ha!

We did manage to decorate a little bit in the kids' rooms and in the playroom. We put out some smaller trees in the bedrooms- one that the homeowners before us left in the attic (score!) and the other was gifted to us by my dad. We didn't go over the top with anything, and I'm not sure we ever would because that in itself could get a little overwhelming. Plus, there's always remembering to take everything down and I sure don't want to have to spend hours doing that. ;)

I took some photos to share for the blog, so here they are!

This girl loves to look at pictures from her, her sister's and her brother's baby album. It must be fascinating at that age to see yourself as a baby and probably wonder what it was like. She likes to ask us, "What did I do as a baby? What was I like?"
It's fun to have their books around for them to look at.

These nutcrackers are popular around our house. In fact, the fairy one needs to have her crown glued back onto her head. Oops!
No matter how many times I say she is not a toy, someone's little hands grab her to play. Haha!

In the girls' room, we put this cute little tree up. The girls love having the lights on at night when they sleep. 
There's something warm and magical about Christmas lights I think.

Our son got the Charlie Brown tree. He loves saying "Charlie Brown" whenever he sees it. We have another one downstairs and he just loves it!

Lydia took these next photos of our tree herself. She has really shown an interest in photography lately and takes some pretty decent photos.


She also wanted to take this photo of our December calendar. It's Christmas-y enough, right?

Lydia wanted to try out the camera timer, so we played around with that. :)

At our church, we did this fun activity with the kids! They got to use Mod Podge to glue pictures of the manger scene to wooden pieces. How cool is that?! I think the kids did a great job with it and had a lot of fun!

These two...;)

Our little boy and his fascination with books! The book he is looking at here, I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean, was a gift given to me from one of my students when I taught. 
It's really neat to see my own kids looking at the books that I once had in my classroom. :)

My kids are super excited about there being 7 more days until Christmas! This is definitely a fun age to have around the house at this time of year. I'm very grateful to have them and it's a blessing being able to share these moments together.

Merry Christmas!!

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