Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Christmas Decor in Our Home

It's one of those holidays that holds a special meaning for my family and I (and of course, our church community). For us, it's about celebrating the birth of our Savior and making sure we teach that to our kids. It's easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of this time of year with family events, presents, food, and decorating that we forget what the holiday is actually about. That's not to say that you shouldn't decorate or put up a Christmas tree. In fact, this post will have plenty of pictures of Christmas decor in our home. It's fun to celebrate this month with our creativity and knowing that it's something God has generously given us another year to do together. 
So with that, here are some photos of our home decorated for this holiday.

We'll begin downstairs with our kitchen.

We kept it simple in here by hanging stockings and plastic ornament reindeer from the cabinets.

We also added this faux wreath to our closet door. I love this wood door (and so does my husband) so it will probably never get painted. :)

Next up we have our dining room- a space that has truly become one of my favorite spots in the house.


The B/W photo above our buffet table has had this garland with the painted pine cones around it since last Christmas. I never bothered to take it down and just changed out the lights when necessary. 

I added some ornaments and pine cones to the wooden centerpiece. Something simple that adds a nice holiday touch.

Our entryway is a favorite to decorate this time of year because of the staircase. I finally bought real garland this year (on sale at Home Depot right now) and I love it! Not only does it smell nice, it also looks beautiful.

After reading many blogs over the years, I noticed that bloggers, around Christmastime, like to use wreaths over rectangular mirrors. I guess it helps break up the box-iness of a room. Anyhow, I like how it looked in other peoples home so we tried it here. It works!

This is the space where we put our Christmas tree. It's a bit small so I'm thinking of adding a basket underneath to hide the pole that the tree is standing on a bit better. :)

We also added these paper mache houses that the girls and I worked on together. I really love how they look on top of this dresser. Definitely a fun project to try with little ones at home.

We hung up more stockings by the french doors. Bought those at Party City for a good deal a few years ago.

That's all for the tour. I hope to have some photos ready of the kids' rooms sometime soon since we did a bit of decorating there too.

Happy December!! 

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