Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thrift Store Finds- Dresser

Today's post is about more thrift store finds my love and I found at our nearby store. Going to thrift stores and just looking around is so much fun and you can find so many neat items for way less than you would if you bought something brand new off a department shelf. Maybe thrifting isn't for everyone, but I find that if you buy something and add a new coat of paint to it, or whatever, you have something that looks brand new and does the job for way less money!

Here is an example of a great find we purchased last month. My husband and I needed a dresser for the guest room because all we had in the guest room a few months ago was a bed and curtains (and some paint on the wall I wasn't too keen of but I ended up repainting the room anyways). I searched online for dressers and found some really neat ones from various stores like IKEA, Target, think we even looked on, but even they were too expensive for what we were looking for.

BIRKELAND 6-drawer dresser, white Width: 63 " Depth: 20 1/2 " Depth of drawer: 17 3/8 " Height: 35 7/8 " Maximum load/drawer: 44 lb  Width: 160 cm Depth: 52 cm Depth of drawer: 44 cm Height: 91 cm Maximum load/drawer: 20 kg

Above is a dresser I found on IKEA's website. This beauty cost $299 and we were not about to spend that much on a dresser. So I kept looking at their website and found another dresser I loved, but for $299 as well, it was wayyy too much!

HEMNES 8-drawer dresser, white Width: 63 3/4 " Depth: 20 1/8 " Height: 38 1/4 "  Width: 162 cm Depth: 51 cm Height: 97 cm
Target also had some dressers online and in the store and here are some that we looked at.

Dresser - Blueberry
Guess the cost of this one??    $160.00...No way!!!

Simply Basics 3 Drawer Chest - Black  Okay, so this one is $55 but it only has 3 drawers and we needed something with a little more storage.

So, what did we end up doing?? Well, if you read my title, then you would know the answer to that question. We headed to the thrift store one weekend and found exactly what we were looking for and the price tag wasn't too bad, either! :)

We bought this dresser for $30 and it was originally a lighter color, but I painted it a gray color to match the room. It is only paint, so if I get tired of the gray color, I can always repaint the dresser. Fabulous!! The fabric on the sides and on the top did not come with the dresser, obviously, but I added those myself with some left over fabric I had from a pillow I made for the room.

We are so excited we only paid $30 for our dresser and it has 6 drawers that will hold all the clothes we need for guests and for Tessa when this eventually becomes her room years down the road! :)
Gotta love a great deal!


So this is what the dresser looks like today, but I might change out the handles on the front of the dresser for some nickel ones or something...but that might not be for a while.

Hopefully you can find something you love and can use in your home at a nearby thrift store...just go and check it out!

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