Monday, January 30, 2012

Umbrella Holder: The Finished Product

On Friday, I showed you some before pictures of our entryway. We really didn't have anything by the front door, so when it rained outside, for example, we had no place to put our umbrellas. We were originally placing our umbrellas in our garage after use, but then I had an idea!

Why not create a unique umbrella holder for less money than what you would buy at a department store?!

To refresh your memory of what our entryway looked like before, here is another picture for you:

Isn't it functional? Hehe...not really, but now we have a solution.

So last week, my family and I went to Home Depot to buy some twine to wrap around the tin holder we found at the local Thrift Store.  (and remember, it was under $5.00!!) 

After purchasing the twine, I went to work over the weekend and began wrapping the twine around the tin holder. I made sure to use my glue gun because there had to be some way to keep the twine attached, and using a glue gun was the best option.

Here is the glue gun and the twine we bought. I love the thickness of the twine. It will give our umbrella holder some character.

Getting ready to wrap the twine around the umbrella holder.

                  I used the glue to hold the twine onto the umbrella holder to make sure it stayed on.

Here is what it started looking like once it was wrapped halfway. Almost done!

I did needed to purchase a few more rolls of twine at Home Depot at this point because we ran out of it...but the twine only cost about $5.00 for 50 yards, which was great! It saved us a lot of money in the long run. And of course, we COULD have left the tin holder in its original state, but it didn't go with the decor of our home and I wanted to personalize this project.

By the way, sorry about the baby bottles in the background...didn't think about removing those for the picture.   :)

More than halfway finished!!

I am loving the twine look!

Once I finished wrapping the twine around the tin, I made sure to glue any remaining parts that needed it. We think it turned out fabulous!! And it was a super EASY and super CHEAP project to do!

In this picture, we only have one big umbrella in our holder, but don't be can hold more than that!  :)

I hope you are able to do some fun and easy projects around your house...and find a way to make it inexpensive!

Thanks for stopping by!

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