Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nursery Part 1

So I am back for another post about my daughter's nursery. Yesterday night after I wrote my first blog post, I jotted down some notes of what I wanted to cover in today's blog. Some of the things that I knew I should address/post about are the following:

 *Where we bought the wall stickers
 *Pennants hanging over the curtains
 *Before pictures
 *Wall color and rug
 *Post more pictures

These are in no particular order, so I apologize in advance if this seems confusing.  :0

To begin, I will talk about where we bought the wall stickers for the nursery. So, right after we moved into our lovely home, I knew I wanted to go with a more gender neutral theme in the nursery even though we knew we were going to have a girl. The reason for this is I wanted the room to be boy/girl friendly because this room will always be the nursery in our home and if/when we have a second child, I would like to keep most of the theme the same, especially if we have a boy next. never know!

The rooms in our house are not very big, but it works so perfectly for us since we didn't have much to move up with...well, except our car and a few big furniture pieces. But, you get the picture. And, after all, like all of our bedrooms, a persons room should be a place to rest and feel cozy.

Okay...back to the stickers on the wall. The hubs and I did some shopping for the nursery (and yes, my hubby came with me to help me pick some things out for the room...isn't he sweet?) and the first store we came upon was Kohl's--which happens to be a few minutes down the road from where we live....SCORE!! They were having an awesome sale on wall stickers, buy one get one 50% off, and I knew that I had to buy 2 different kinds of wall stickers. Since I wasn't exactly sure of the room color I was picking, I went ahead and bought some fun/cutesie animal stickers that you can just peel right off the wall if you don't need them anymore. I loved that idea and so we purchased them. Here is a picture of them in the nursery.

This picture shows a few animals that sit above the changing table. More on that piece later. :)

The clouds in the picture wrap all around the room and I ordered those online...I forget which company I bought them from, but you could Google "cloud wall stickers" and can find them.
Side note: Please ignore the books on the floor...hehe...I still am trying to figure out if I want to buy a bookshelf for them or build some wall shelves to place them on. What do you think? There use to be a bookshelf where the painted nightstand is (which was a Thrift Store find) but it was kinda falling apart and we knew we couldn't keep it in the room for long, so we moved it out of there. I bought some cute pink knobs at Lowe's and replaced to old knobs on the nightstand.

I think it turned out pretty fab, right? Nothing like repainting something and replacing a few things to make an item look brand new....and it cost WAY less than if I would have bought something like this new!!!! Score again! :) I love it in Tess' room, but again, I would like to do something about those picture books, so for now we will keep it in here and maybe move some things around so the books have a home instead of on the floor. :)

The next thing I wanted to talk about are the pennants hanging from the wall. Aren't they adorable??

Those pennants were personally made by some good lady friends back in Gainesville, Florida where I had my first baby shower. By the way, that was the BEST shower ever and it was a ton of fun! :)

Okay, moving on to one quick little thing. You may be wondering where all the BEFORE pictures are...well, I didn't take any because I didn't think I would actually start my own blog. But you can just imagine a small boxy white room with nothing in it and that is what it pretty much looked like before I got to decorating it. ;)

This leads me to the next topic I told you I would post about: And that is the curtain ordeal. Well, originally I had a yellow sheet up as a curtain to be a little thrifty and thought I could make my own out of a bedsheet we haven't used in years. That didn't work out so well. Ha! Then it was on to buying some fabric at JoAnn's and making some curtains for the nursery. It was a neat idea, but it just didn't look right in the room, mainly because the fabric I chose just didn't fit the theme and wall colors. Then an idea hit me late one night! "Take the white curtains that we had in the kitchen and move them upstairs to the nursery" and Voila! It worked!! I did some other rearranging around the house with our curtains, but can talk about all that later in another post at another time. (Man, so many things to write about!)

All the furniture in the room and the bedding were all gifts to us from fabulous family and friends. And I love hand-me-downs, so I couldn't pass up the Cocalo bedding and furnishings!! Thank you, Gainesville friends and family. :)

Now on to the wall color: my favorite part!
I wanted to go gender neutral friendly so I was off to Sherwin Williams to buy two paint colors. The bottom color in the room is Lime Ricky (a sort of lime green color) and the top color is Bubble (a light blue color). Both are made to resemble the grass and the sky, respectively. It looks pretty good and both colors look amazing on the wall. And you can't beat having a cozy rocker for those late night feedings...although we get a full night's sleep now that our baby girl is 6 1/2 months old. God is so good!!

I had the rug, pictured below, from my old classroom (yes, I forgot to mention I taught elementary school back in Florida....LOVED that job but I LOVVEE being a stay-at-home mommy too!) and it works perfectly in her room. The hubs even said, "Hey! That looks great! It goes with the room so perfectly." Thank you, hubby!

And there you have it, folks! This little room was turned fabulous for less and is gender neutral chic!
Thank you for stopping by!

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