Thursday, February 2, 2012

Guest Bath and Other Bathroom Styles

I am on a mission to paint our guestkids bathroom. Well, actually I have already painted the guest bathroom once, but I am not really liking the color of it right now. The color on the walls right now is a mixture of a little bit of blue paint, brown paint, and green paint that I whipped up a few months ago. Since it is a color I mixed on my own, there is not specific name for it but it is more along the lines of a minty green, and doesn't go to well with the bathroom decor so I am changing it up.

After looking through a few paint color choices from Sherwin Williams to help me decide on a color for the room, I made sure to narrow my choices down to four colors- Sea Salt, Rainwashed, Upward, and Tradewind. Here is what each color looks like individually.

Sea Salt:

SW6204 Sea Salt


SW6211 Rainwashed


SW6239 Upward


SW6218 Tradewind

Now, I realize that all monitors are going to show these colors a little bit differently than what they will actually look like in person or on someone's wall, but these colors run in the greenish blue family, with the exception of Upward.

Sea Salt has a hint of green in it but it is also has a grayish blue tint to it depending on the amount of natural light that enters the room.

"Drenched in natural light, it takes on a slightly bluer, grayer hue. In artificial light, it’s more of a blue-green. Sea Salt sets the stage for a light, airy and fresh room. Honestly, I can’t think of a room that this color wouldn’t work in…bedroom, living room, nursery, bathroom, laundry room…I could see it in any of those settings. And depending on what it’s paired with, Sea Salt could fit into traditional, contemporary and/or playful moods alike." This quote was taken from another blog at What a great way to describe this paint color by Sherwin Williams.

The color Rainwashed has slightly more of a green to it than Sea Salt. Sherwin William's Upward has a hint of purple (after looking at Upward for a few days, I realized that the hint of purple is not the color choice that would fit best with the guest bathroom).

The last color choice, Tradewind, is a beautiful color with more blue-tones in it than Rainwashed, but again, not the color that would work for this bathroom space. So, the color I chose for the bathroom is Sea Salt, if you weren't able to tell already from the description above about that paint color. It really is a beautiful blue-green color and since the bathroom towels and the shower curtain are a mixture of blue, green, yellow, and orange, it would be the perfect match! I might even use Sea Salt in our master bathroom and in the laundry room!

Now, I haven't painted the bathroom yet, so I don't have any pictures to show you of the new color on the walls, but I do have pictures of what the bathroom looks like now in its current state with the original wall color of minty green.

In the pictures below, you can see the old wall paint with some spots of Sea Salt on the wall. To test a paint color on the wall, I just paint a few spots with the new color and keep it up for a few days before I make my decision. That way, I can see how the new color would look in the morning, afternoon, and in the evening.

I have moved mostly everything out of the bathroom to prep for painting, but there are a few things that need to be cleared out before I actually paint- which will hopefully be today!  :)

Oh...and you can see that our cabinets are a beautiful dark cherry wood which looks great paired with Sea Salt! I am excited to show the new bathroom soon and hope to have pictures up either tomorrow or Monday!

Here are a few inspirational photos using Sherwin Williams Sea Salt:

Here is the color in a kitchen:

Here is the color in a bathroom:

And in another bathroom:

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