Monday, February 6, 2012

The Guest Bath is Practically Done!

Over the weekend, I was able to get the guest bathroom painted and semi-decorated! Woohoo!! Although painting a space, especially repainting a space, is not my favorite thing to do, being able to see the final outcome of a project after it is complete is exciting. I must say that I am in love with the color by Sherwin Williams called Sea Salt that was used in this space! Sea Salt is a color that is so versatile and works really well with the decor in the guest bathroom (and even though I keep saying it is the guest bathroom, it also serves as Tessa's bathroom so that is why in the pictures to follow you will see kid-friendly decor).

There are some parts of the bathroom that still need to be the area over the toilet and a spot next to a wall hanging I put up where Tessa can keep her bathroom towels and such. I will have more on that piece tomorrow for my next post and will show you how I made it. For now, you will just get to see plenty of pictures of the semi-finished space.  :)  Things are always a work in progress around here.  :)

Okay, are you ready for some pictures?

Here we go...

Here is a picture of the fun shower curtain where you can see that the wall color really plays with the colors in the curtain (I didn't want to go matchy-matchy with the colors in the curtain and the wall color, so that is why I chose Sea Salt because it is more of a soft greenish-blue color that gives this bathroom a sophisticated, yet fun look). I bought the shower curtain at Kohls on clearance for under $10.00 I believe...the shower curtain may have cost $7.00 or $8.00...I am not 100% sure about that, but either way, it was a great deal and I thought it was super cute!

I still need to put up a ledge above the toilet to hold towels and miscellaneous items. The ledge (which was purchased at Lowe's for $4.00...on CLEARANCE baby!!) will serve as a great place for storage and we all need more storage!!

The picture below shows the cute little matching bath rug also purchased at Kohls on clearance. Because these items were all clearance items, I am not sure they still sell them in stores. They may be sold online and hopefully they still cost less than the original asking price.

Matching towels....I love how the color of the walls picks up the great colors of the bath towels.

This vanity set was a gift from my in-laws and it is where we store more towels for Tessa and for guests, wash cloths, and other bath items. The dark color goes well with the cabinet sink, to the right, and it fits perfectly in this space!

Here is a picture of the canvas hanging above the storage piece. I made this canvas hanging for Tess' bath robes!

The beachy picture frame was given to me as a gift from a student I taught back in Florida. So sweet!  :)

**Side note: It is so cute how small my daughter's bath robes are and they keep her nice and warm after a bath! Kids grow up so fast, don't they?!**

And there you have it!! This is our daughter's bathroom that also serves as our guest bathroom. I really wanted this space to be fun for Tessa and our family, but also be a place for our guests to tidy-up when they visit. It may be too kid-friendly for some people, but for us, there is no such thing!

One last thing...I wanted to upload some pictures I found on the web of ideas on how to utilize a bathroom space. I mentioned before that I wanted to add storage above the toilet in the bathroom so here are some inspirational photos of how that would look.

Small ledge shevles in a guest bath from


An interesting concept on wall storage in the bathroom from

So you get the picture of the storage I want to add to our guest bathroom...maybe it can be done this week! We shall see. Until then....

Thanks for stopping by!

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