Friday, February 17, 2012

Olioboard- LOVE this site!!

As I was watching the Today show this morning, they began to talk about home design and as soon as they mentioned those words it had me paying close attention! The young lady who was talking about home design on the Today show named some great websites that are free to use at home. Even better, you can do all of this designing at home and search many inspirational pictures and decor.

I had already been using, which is a free website that lets you search an endless amount of homes and it lists the designers that worked on each room, the paint color, furniture, decor, etc, etc. too! But something was missing for me whenever using that site...I wanted a website where I could look up items to use in my home and play around with different furniture pieces. Then she mentioned a site called and it is totally free to use!!

Brilliant!  :)

Here is an idea board I created using some fabrics that I like and decor pieces that would look great in our family room. Now, the total cost of these items listed below came to...AreYou Ready for This???  ........................................................................................................................$6,000!!!

EEEEKKK!!! If I wanted too, I could actually order these items from this website and have them delivered to our door, but I don't think we will be dropping that much money on a family room design anytime soon, or at all for that matter. After all, I love thrift shopping to see if I can find a similar item for a better price. Now, we won't be getting our sofas and chairs for the family room at the thrift store...most those items we will have to save up for in order to get them or something close to what is pictured below.


So there it is!! How I would like to design our family room space.  :)   I love it!!

The orange and blue fabric to the top right is so pretty and elegant and we love those colors together because they represent the main colors of the college where my husband and I graduated from... the University of Florida! Oh yea!! Other pieces, like the fabulous furniture, are from Pottery Barn which can be pricey, but I have heard that their furniture is very, very comfortable. Maybe we will have to take a trip there to try it out sometime. Another option is IKEA- they have similar sofas and chairs for much less.

Olioboard is such a fun site to check out so stop by if you can!!

Happy weekend and thanks for stopping by!


  1. I really like your site!! Good ideas!

    1. Wow! Thanks, Katie. I hope you come back to visit my site and find some inspiration. :)



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