Friday, February 24, 2012

Model Crashing

Today, I decided to go to a model home in the area and take pictures of the decor. I love walking into new homes mainly because I like to see how designers set up a new space. I uploaded some pictures of the home we saw today for you to see. After taking some pictures of this house, it gave me some great design ideas for our home.

                     This is the family room and I love the rug and the ottoman! Just beautiful.  :)

Love that this room gets so much natural light! There is a sunroom to the left of the family room.

I am not a fan of hanging a big TV over a fireplace, but the decor is still beautiful.

Such a cute little girls room and that mural on the wall is amazing!

Other side of the girls room.

Love this gator painted on the wall. Maybe it's because I am a GATOR fan and will always be one!!

So precious!

Boys room...not as fancy as the girls room so only one picture posted here.  :)

This is the kitchen...the countertops and the cabinets seem a little dark together, but they work with the space probably because there is plenty of natural light.

Another picture of the family room.

The entryway and the "flex room." I would probably use this room as an office space/playroom, but because this is a model home, they made it a sitting room. the rug!

LOVE the stripes on the wall in this flex room. It gives a little bit of a design punch to the space.

Another picture of the entryway.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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