Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DIY Robe Holder/Display

Today's post is all about a DIY project I created for my daughter last week. You just might see another cute picture of her at the end of this post.  :)  She is such a beautiful and fun baby girl and I am always happy to make things for her that are functional and stylish.

Yesterday, I showed some pictures of the guest bathroom, which is also the bathroom that our baby girl uses as well. After repainting the walls in there and putting up the finishing touches in the bathroom (well, "almost finished" finishing touches) I wanted today's post to be about an easy DIY project you can do yourself.

How did this project start?...............

Well, with a canvas print I bought for $13.00 at TJMaxx or Ross...one of the two. I bought the canvas photo last year so I'm not sure which store it came from exactly, but it was something I thought was going to be displayed in our entryway downstairs. However, after living with the canvas photo for a few weeks, or maybe months, it just wasn't working for our entryway. I wish I had taken a picture of what the canvas print looked like before. The canvas was a yellowish-brown and had a purple butterfly painted onto it with a red rose next to the butterfly...not what I was looking for when decorating our downstairs, but I am glad I figured that out quickly. Now, if you are like me, you don't like to just get rid of something you JUST bought, so what do you do with something like that? Well, make it into something new you CAN use around the house, of course! That is exactly what happened with the canvas we had.

To start this DIY project, I hot glued some white fabric onto the canvas as shown here. The fabric was purchased at JoAnn's (on sale) last month. The fabric was $2.00 a yard- SCORE!!

Back in the day, I use to scrapbook a lot. One of my purchases was a package of cute bathroom attire bought at Wal-Mart for $2.50. I had this bathroom attire for 5+ years and never used it, but I am glad I hung onto it because it came in handy for the canvas I am making for the bath robes (actually, just a few weeks before making this project, I came across the little package in one of my scrapbooking bags and was actually going to throw it out!) Good thing I didn't do that. Here is a picture of it below on the canvas.

I also had this lighthouse and boat wall hanging for a few years and before it was hot-glued to the canvas, it was just hung up on the wall in the bathroom. I suppose just hanging these on the wall to hold up the bathrobes would be fine, but I wanted to use them on the canvas.

Here are the beachy hooks/bath items laid out on the canvas.

Another picture of the layout.

A must for this project was using my handy-dandy glue gun. I can't believe this baby cost under $5.00 at Lowe's!  :)  This glue-gun is used for many projects around the house.

After getting the layout I wanted, it was time to glue the pieces onto the canvas.

Here is the nice blank wall where the canvas was going to hang.

And a picture of the canvas after it was hung up onto the wall. The pictures are a little dark here because these were taken at night. I have a few pictures at the end of this post that were taken in the morning.

Here are the adorable bath robes on display!

And from another angle.

And yet another.  :)

I just love taking pictures...can't you tell?  ;)

And here are some pictures that were taken in the morning.

Love, LOVE, love this color in the bathroom!

And more importantly, love, LOVE, love our baby girl!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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