Monday, February 20, 2012

Testing Out More Paint Colors

Well, it's a nice holiday weekend and I am still testing out paint colors. Yep, still haven't picked one I am sure will work best with our house. Maybe it is because we don't have all of the furniture pieces we would like to have yet downstairs or it could be that I am extremely indecisive and making decisions is hard for me....yep, I think that is it! I have always had a hard time making decisions especially when it comes to paint colors.

Here are some pictures of the paint swatches we have put up around the house. Maybe seeing them here will help me narrow down the choices a little bit better.

From left to right: SW Amazing Gray, Lowe's Stonington, Martha Stewart City Scape, and Behr's Gobi Desert.

Gobi Desert, Cityscape, Stonington, and Amazing Gray

Near the entryway. We have pretty much ruled out the one on the far left. This one is Stonington and it looks a little purple/brown. We loved it on the color card but on the wall...not so much.

Some of the swatches look shiny...probably because they are in satin finish. We use flat finish for the walls downstairs.

After these 4 colors were on the wall for a few days, I went and got 2 more from Lowe's.



Top right is SW Relaxed Khaki and bottom is SW Accessible Beige. It is probably too light for this space.

So we like the 3 on the far left the best. I really want to love SW Accessible Beige because it is a nice brown/gray, but it is too light and not warm enough.

Eek...I need to make a decision soon and we have company coming over tonight so this could be interesting.

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