Monday, February 27, 2012

New Office Chair

I am super excited about this blog post because I am in the process of renovating a Thrift Store chair. I purchased this chair (originally from a dining room set at the thrift store) a few weeks ago for $9.99 and here is what it looked like the day we brought it home.

So the plan was to take apart the seat and cushions and spray paint the legs and arms using RustOleums High Gloss White paint. This project took 2 days to complete because of the dry time of using spray paint. Yesterday, when we spray painted the chair, there was a lot of wind blowing around outside so I finished up the painting earlier today. The chair is out drying right now and in the next few hours, I will be putting the chair cushions back on.

**  Side note: The reason I love using spray paint is because it is quicker than using regular paint AND because you get an even coat when spraying rather than using a paint brush. **

Now, this chair has some great bones and I loved the look of it as soon as we noticed it in the Thrift Store so we were ready to buy it and bring it home right away. Also, with a $9.99 price tag, we couldn't pass it up!!

Over the weekend, I went to JoAnn's to look at fabric and because they were having a great sale, I bought 2 different kinds of fabric. Instantly, I was drawn to these 2 fabrics and purchased them right away!!

I am going to use this fabric to make an ottoman in the near future.

This is the fabric I chose for my chair and I am in LOVE!!! The colors are so pretty and work so well together in our house, especially with the new wall color.

Here is the beautiful chair before tearing it apart, but when it is finished, it will look amazing!!!

Step 1: Remove the padding and cushions carefully and take out the nails that hold the cushions to the chair. I had my hubby help me take the nails out of the fabric for this part because the nails were in there pretty good.

Here is what the chair looked like after most of the chair cushions were taken off.

Step 2 and 3: Measure the amount of fabric needed to cover the cushions and use a staple gun to hold teh fabric in place. We purchased this small staple gun at Lowe's for $10 and it is perfect for reupholstering furniture.

I cut out the amount of fabric needed to cover each chair cushion and flipped over the cushion to staple the fabric to the back. Easy-peasy!!!

Step 4: Turn over the cushion and admire your work.  :)  Here is what one of the cushions began to look after the fabric was stapled on. Fab!!

Two more pieces left and they are ready to be reupholstered.

I am serious, this is so easy that anyone can do it! It is so worth it because you get to pick the design YOU want instead of having to settle on something from a department store. And it is wayyyy cheaper than buying something brand new!!!

 I realize this picture and the next one are a little out of order, but you get the idea of how this should be done. Here I am cutting out the fabric and using the seat cushion as my guide.

Laying out the fabric and getting ready to staple.

Here are all 3 seat cushions. YAY! So excited to see the end result!

And here is our little cutie pie. She is ready to start walking soon and is already pulling herself up and trying to stand on her own! Crazy!!
She is so pretty and we love her so much!  :)

I can't wait to finish this project. It will be ready later tonight and pictures of the final product will be up tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by!

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