Thursday, February 23, 2012

Painting Has Begun...

Today I started doing some more painting downstairs in our house and although it is not complete yet, it is well on its way! I get so excited after painting a room, or anything for that matter, because the end result looks so different from what I started with and it is always fun to see how a room turns out after a fresh coat of paint is up on the walls. I have a few pictures to share of our space, but remember, it is not complete.

To refresh, the paint color chosen for most of our home is called Relaxed Khaki by Sherwin Williams. I had bought a $3.00 sample size and colored matched at Lowe's so the paint I bought at Sherwin Williams was quite different than the Lowe's sample size. This will be a big lesson I learned when it comes to painting because the wall color that is going up now is very different from the Lowe's Relaxed Khaki color put on the wall. You will be able to see the difference between the two in some pictures, but needless to say, we still love the new wall color and it is a great neutral for our walls.

Here is a picture of the old wall color, Kilim Beige by SW. It is a nice color, but too light for our room. I took a picture of our gallery wall because the pictures had to be removed so I could paint and this is a good way to remember where the pictures will need to go once the paint has dried.  :)

Here is the new wall color, Relaxed Khaki by SW, in the entryway.


Here you can see where the Relaxed Khaki and Kilim Beige meet.

Here is the new paint color going onto the wall and running into the old paint color, Kilim Beige. Don't worry, I know in this picture it looks like I didn't paint a big part of the wall, but I had to stop here because Tessa woke up from one of her naps and therefore, painting had to stop.  :)
It will be completed soon.

The small swatch above the fireplace on the far left is Relaxed Khaki that I got color matched at Lowe's. The paint below the swatches is SW Relaxed Khaki and you can see that it is quite different from the Lowe's paint. I knew both would end up slightly different from each other, because one was color matched to the other, but I thought that the color matching would have been a little bit better from Lowe's.

Oh well, we still love the new wall color that is going up now and SW's paint is pretty good. 

I am painting in between my daughter's naps throughout the day so it can't all be done in one day, but I am going to try and paint later tonight after she falls asleep and hopefully have more pictures posted tomorrow of the new color and look of our room!  :)


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