Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Revamped Side Table from the Thrift Store

A few months ago we went to the Thrift Store again to look for a dresser that would fit our TV because we wanted to find a cheaper TV stand than what you would find at the department, using a dresser as a TV stand is a little unique and different, which we like.

Anyways, we not only found a GREAT TV stand for our house, but we also found a matching side table that we picked up, too. And what was the cost of this side table??

Only $9.99!!! I love thrifting!!

So here is what the side table looked like after we bought it.

............It is nice and dusty inside, but HEY!! for $9.99 we didn't hesitate on purchasing it and it will slowly become a new piece after a little cleaning and some paint.

It was being used as a storage place...

And another picture of it in our corner...

I love the legs on this piece...they are very unique looking and tall.

The drawer...

Can't wait to paint you!!!

Let the painting begin!

I used Sherwin Williams Extra White paint which is the same color I have been using on some other projects around the house.

Slowly getting closer to completion...

You may notice the Resolve carpet cleaner in the above picture...hehe. That is because I got a little bit of paint on the carpet, but it came right out after I used Resolve! YAY!  :)

This is the brassy handle...I kind of like it and don't think I will paint it.

Now I have to paint the legs...

You can see that the paint isn't perfect yet, but this was taken after I had painted one coat of Extra White on. I will be spray painting the rest of it tomorrow to get an even layered look.

Still need to paint the top part of the inside of the side table.

I had to paint sideways and forward and backward because of the grains in the wood.

Just making sure to cover every wood part.


Here is what it looks like currently...but after a quick coat of white spray paint (from Lowe's) this baby will be done and looking GOOD!!! It will match my desk, curtains, and molding perfectly.

More pictures of this updated side table will be coming tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by!

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