Friday, February 3, 2012

Bathroom Progress

Todays post will be a little short because the bathroom is not complete. As I mentioned yesterday, the guest/kids bathroom is being repainted. The color I chose for this room is a color by Sherwin Williams called Sea Salt.

Like my title says, the bathroom is still a work in progess and is not completely finished. I have painted all of the major part of the walls but still need to finish the trim around the room. The brush I was going to use yesterday to paint the trim needed to be cleaned again yesterday so I wasn't able to use it to finish the paint job....but today it is ready and the room will be done. This means that I won't have pictures posted until Monday...and all of the decorations I still have yet to do to complete the room might not be completed until the end of next week, but it is slowly getting there.

                                Here are some pictures of the bathroom in its current state:

You can see where Sea Salt is meeting up with the original minty green color, but after I finish painting the room today, it is bye bye to the minty green!!!

And the last picture of the Sea Salt with our sink cabinets. I think this color goes really well with the dark cabinetry we have in the bathroom.  :)

Can't wait until it is done and all decorated again! Pictures coming Monday!

Until then, I encourage you to paint at least one room in your house if you haven't already. Paint can really change the look of a room for the better as long as it is a color you and your family absolutely love and want to live with!  :)

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