Friday, February 17, 2012

Dining Room Mock-Up

So I love doing mock-ups using because they have so many neat items on the website that are giving me such inspiration to decorate our home. Thank you to the Today Show for mentioning this site!

(I love how I am giving a shout-out to the Today Show as if I know them personally...hehe) Would be nice but so not true.  :)

Anyways, I wanted to do a quick mock-up of what I am envisioning our dining room to look like and came up with this board below:


I wanted to make this picture bigger but it cuts off some of the links to the right so this size will have to do for now.
Anyways, back to talking about the inspiration board...

We already have a dining table, 4 chairs, and a bench - kind of like what is pictured above. We also already have a turquoise plate set and a pretty chandelier so thankfully those items won't have to be something we need to purchase in the future. However, I would love to add a credenza or buffet table like the white one I found on Olioboards. I also love those turquoise lamps because they would compliment our plate set nicely. The rug is gorgeous and the gray zebra print gives off a little elegance which would go nicely with the painting I did for our wall. The fabric in the upper right hand corner was not exactly the color I was looking for (it's navy), but the pattern is something I love and could see hanging in our dining room with some nice white curtains to go in the middle of it to let natural light in. "Let the sun shine in!!"

I am already getting excited to possibly make these visions come to life and want to go shopping for these items now! is so nice to have creative websites like this available for people to use for free. Love it!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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