Thursday, February 16, 2012

Amazing Gray- Maybe Not So Amazing for Our Walls

Well, in the design world of blogs all I keep hearing about it how the newest neutral color that is replacing beige slowly is the color gray. Long before I even knew about this, I painted our bedroom and the guest bedroom a nice medium-toned gray and LOVE it!! There are some really neutral shades of gray out there and Sherwin Williams has some good color choices to browse through. I have been looking through my Sherwin Williams Duron paint fan deck of colors recently to find a gray wall paint that might possibly work for our walls in the family room and through the stairwell, but I have only tried one sample on the wall and it is enough to make me think that gray just might not be the color that would work for us.

Here are some pictures of Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray on our walls. Now these pictures just show a few spots that I painted around the family room and stairwell to test the paint out on our walls, but this particular gray looks a little purple to me and I am not a purple wall color type of girl.

Can you see a little bit of the purple or is it just me?? It's funny because so many blogs say that this particular color has a green undertone, but I don't see it at all on our walls.  :(

Here is the color next to our door.

The picture below shows Amazing Gray above the mantle.

Now Amazing Gray doesn't look too bad here and this is the first wall I actually painted with this color. I actually really like it on this wall and I was ready to go out and buy a gallon at Sherwin Williams, but after I did some testing spots on other parts of the wall, it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to.

Another picture near the stairwell.

Doesn't look too bad here.

Here is Amazing Gray next to Kilim Beige...Kilim Beige is a little too light for me and I want something a little more warmer.

So after trying out this new gray color, I think I might stick to the beiges/browns for now. I know that grays can be tricky so I made sure to do my research on this color, but you don't really know how it will turn out on your walls unless you try some samples.

So now my plan is to head over to Home Depot this weekend and get some samples of a few more new colors.

1. Cityscape by Martha Stewart
2. Gobi Desert by Behr
3. Cliff Rock by Behr
4. Harvest Brown by Behr
5. Wheat Bread by Behr- **I am not exaclty 100% sure I will get this color in a sample but they only cost $3.00 so it might not hurt to try it out. It could be the one?!

Here is a picture of Cityscape on the blog of twostraightlines

Gobi Desert by Behr
from The Nest

Cliff Rock by Behr
from the Purloined Letter

And Wheat Bread by Behr
from MakingitLovely

I know all these color will look different on our walls and that is why it is important to buy some samples to test it out first.  :)

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