Friday, May 4, 2018

Gray Painted Desk with Gold Dipped Legs

I mentioned on my FB page that I recently bought this desk not long ago at a thrift store in our area. 

What drew me to this piece when I first saw it were the pulls on the 3 drawers. I thought they were so unique and with a little help they could also be beautiful. So without too much thought, I purchased the desk and quickly brought it home. I began planning how I wanted it to turn out and thought to use some light gray paint we already had stashed in a closet. After painting it light gray, I added some detail on the sides using white marker paint. 
Here is how it turned out once all of that was complete.

It didn't look terrible or anything, but I didn't LOVE it. I had been wanting to paint the lower legs in gold but wasn't sure how I was going to pull that off. That is until my family and I took a trip to Lowe's one day and I bought some gold spray paint.
After some feedback I got on the desk after posting it to FB, I decided to try again and repaint it. This time going with a darker gray and giving part of the legs a bit of gold paint.

Here is this same desk a second time around (sometimes you gotta try again when something doesn't go as planned).

Another close-up look of the gold painted legs...adds a little bit of glam, don't you think?

I simply LOVE how this turned out the second time around and it is now for sale. 
You know it's a good piece when you don't want to part with it! It is currently in the girl's bedroom and we love how it looks in there. :)


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