Monday, March 4, 2013

Home Goods and Many More

Hello all!

Today's post will be all about shopping! YAY!
Who doesn't love to shop, especially shopping for a great deal?
I admit, I LOVE to shop and probably get it from my mama! She loves bargain hunting for things and always buys something on clearance only...I don't know if she ever pays full price for anything.
Anyways, my mom is visiting this weekend to see our little ones and of course my husband and I...and on my list of things to do with her is shopping! Maybe that doesn't sound fun to some people, but we enjoy it. :)

In our area, there are a few shops that are opening up nearby and one of those shops is Home Goods! I seriously can't believe it because we don't have one in our town and the fact that one is opening next week that is only about 10 minutes from us makes me smile! :)

I feel like a lot of bloggers and shoppers out there talk about Home Goods all the time and the great deals they get when they browse the store, so I am super excited about getting one near us.

Did you know that Home Goods also has a blog!! ?

You can also check out this website on their page to take a style quiz to figure out what your shopping style is! So handy!!

In the meantime, I am planning some small projects to get accomplished around the house and am looking forward to family visiting in the next week! Hooray!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are having a great start to the week!

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