Monday, March 18, 2013

Painting More Interior Doors

Hello, hello!
Did you have a good weekend?

Our weather has been so crazy the past week. We have warm weather with sunny skies one day and the next day it is cloudy, rainy, and/or cold. Eeekk!! Hoping that this week feels a little more like spring soon so I can enjoy the outdoors more with my girls.

Well, you know that I began painting our interior doors last week and love how the color turned out.
I am heading to Sherwin Williams sometime soon, hopefully this week, to get another sample color of Porpoise in Satin sheen to do another coat of paint just for good measure on the doors of our home. The samples of paint Sherwin Williams sells comes in a pretty good sized container that was enough to cover 2 doors and it cost me under $5.00 for it, so I need one more sample size to cover the two doors left by our entryway and I think it will look nice.

Here are some pictures of the doors as they stand now...

Here is our main door after 2 coats of Porpoise.
Again, I am planning on doing one more coat and then hoping to paint the other doors next to the entryway the same color.

Our pantry door also got a little makeover.
I love it!!

Have you painted any interior doors in your home yet?

Thanks for stopping by!

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