Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Storage Baskets in Our House

Do you use storage baskets to keep items in place around your home?

I have to say that using storage baskets in our family room and kitchen is a way to keep our house organized. There are so many uses for baskets and some of those uses I use around our home are to keep toys at bay, blankets off the floor, and cords or miscellaneous items out of harms way.

I recently made some storage baskets out of diaper boxes using green packing paper from Home Depot and some leftover fabric and twine.

Here are a few pictures of the storage baskets we have around the house:

In our entryway, I use this green box (a DIY project) to store my daughters' toys.
Thankfully, the packing paper has held up to little hands reaching in and out of the box to grab toys. :)

The gray box on top of the shoe storage bins from IKEA was a $1 purchase from Target a few months back. It holds our gloves, paper, pens, and sunglasses.

The other DIY box I made sits in our family room and holds blankets and toys for our girls.

The circular basket (sorry for the blurry pictures) might have been a gift from years ago...maybe Easter, but I don't remember. We keep more stuffed animals in it....
Can you see a pattern here with the stuffed animals??

This little basket sits under our TV stand and holds cords and other miscellaneous items.

And this picnic basket (a gift from dear friends of ours for our wedding) holds hot chocolate for those cold wintery nights!

How do you store all of your items?

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