Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Painted T.V. Stand

Before I begin about my DIY project, I just want to mention that I played around with Picasa to edit my photos and am trying to figure out what looks best. Since I am still very new to picture editing and blogging for that matter, the pictures may or may not look good in this post. I like how they turned out, so I will probably keep editing the rest of the pictures this way.  :)

On to today's post! Recently, well maybe more like a few months ago, my family and I shopped around our local thrift store and found a nice surprise! We bought this 70's-ish dresser for $50.00 and wanted to use it as our T.V. stand, so we did! And a little f.y.i. about our thrift store...it seems as though the prices have been raised on furniture in the past week. I don't know if that happens all the time or if it is because summer is approaching so all thrift stores raise their prices a little bit, but it was a little sad to see furniture prices more than double what they were before. Because of this, we really haven't purchased any furniture from there since. Hopefully, the prices will drop dramatically so we can furnish the rest of our house!  :)

Okay, no more rambling on about the thrift store prices now that I got that out of my system!
Here is a quick little picture we took after we bought our dresser/T.V. stand.

In this picture, the stand doesn't look too bad and the brown-toned wood doesn't bother me at all. The reason I wanted to paint this stand was because it felt too heavy in our family room. We have darker furniture, for now, and our fireplace can be a bit heavy too in the room next to the black leather couch.

See, you can really tell from this picture that the stand looks very heavy in our room right now. Also, our dark couch is being replaced someday, but we need to save a little more before we buy something new. It will be fun picking out couches when we are ready to do that!

Upon closer look, the stand has a grainy look which wasn't what I was going for in a T.V. stand so I decided to paint it with Sherwin Williams Extra White.

This was after the first coat of paint was put on. I know it doesn't look that pretty here but with another coat of paint and possibly some spray paint for a more finished look, it will look fantastic!

I also love that the drawers hold all of our DVD's, remotes, and other T.V. electronics!! Got to love the storage this thing provides!

I needed to take the drawers off, actually my hubby did that for me, before painting more. It was hard to get in to the sides and middle of the stand when the drawers were still in tact.

Here are a few of the drawers after the second coat of paint was applied.

Oh..I musn't forget to add that I also had to take off the handles. I am not sure what I am going to do with the handles just yet. I may give them a silver finish because I am not really feeling the brassy color. Maybe brass is coming back, but I am not sure I like the look, so they will be changed up.



Painting the T.V. stand definitely lightens up the space from what it was before.
I still need to paint the legs (more on that tomorrow) but I am keeping the top of the T.V. stand original to give it a Pottery Barn look. (at least that is what I will keep telling myself it resembles!)  :)

Have you painted any big furniture items lately?

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  1. Beautiful transformation, Stephanie!

  2. Great turned out! I am so glad to see the white above too much and often prefer white furniture for my place.


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