Monday, April 23, 2012

Fields of Gold

Does anyone recognize the song "Fields of Gold" by Sting??
This song was the one that my hubby and I danced our first dance to at our wedding 3 years ago.  :)
I can't believe we have been married 3 years already. I know that doesn't sound like many years, but it does go by fast and we have been so blessed thru it all!

The reason why I want to do a post about this song is because I printed the lyrics when we first moved into our house and framed it for one of our walls near our bedroom. The original paper I printed the lyrics on was a bright yellow color that doesn't really go well with our decor now. In fact, I took a picture to show you what it looked like.  :)

Nice, huh?!
Well, it really was a bright yellow and so I needed to change it up a bit. So what did I decide to do?

I recopied the lyrics to a Word document and printed it out on plain printer paper. I didn't want a crazy paper color because that would take away from the lyrics and I didn't want that.

I also wanted to keep the rose that was in the original picture. The background of the wooden planks reminds me of the place we had our ceremony. There was a beautiful wooden walkway that led up to the church where we got married so it has sentimental value to us.  :)

This is the spot where I want to hang our wedding lyrics...right above "Family".
I already had the black frame which ties in to our stairwell gallery wall, so it fit perfectly right there.

This is another shot of our gallery wall. I love how it looks already but adding our new piece to it will still make our stairwell look great....maybe even better!

This is a shot coming down the stairs after I hung our lyrics up.

I really love the maternity pictures we had done by a wonderful photographer named Kerry B. Smith. She was really sweet and did such a fabulous job!!

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