Thursday, April 19, 2012

Recovered Ottoman

Hi all!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday!

Today's post is about an ottoman I recently recovered with left-over drop cloth from the curtains I made for our dining room.

We had purchased a black storage ottoman from Ross last year that was inexpensive. It was used, and is still used, as a place to store all of our family's board games. Don't you just love storage?! I do!!

Anways, the ottoman needed some dressing up and what better way to do it than with left-over fabric. So as you can tell, this project was quick and simple to do and it didn't cost us any $$$ because we already had all of the supplies on hand. I just needed my staple gun to keep the fabric on the ottoman and that was it!

Here is what the ottoman looked like before recovery! EEk! See all that paint on the front and top? Oopsies...totally from me...but I can't remember how it got there or exactly when that happened. Ha!

It makes for a great space to hold all of our games.

To start this project, I had to unscrew each screw that held the cover to the ottoman.
It was much easier than I thought to kind of "take the ottoman apart."

I had to hold the fabric up to the ottoman to see how much fabric I needed to cover the top. I stapled the fabric to the top of the ottoman first before working on the base.

Getting ready to staple...

With this picture below, you can see that I ended up stapling the fabric to the inside of the top of the ottoman.

Here is the top part all finished!

The last part was to add the fabric to the bottom of the ottoman before attaching the top to the base.
Here is the completed base below.

And here is a picture of what the ottoman looks like opened after all of the fabric has been attached.

Here is our new ottoman with games and all!

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