Thursday, April 26, 2012

Furniture: Couches, Sofas, and Other Seating

Hello everyone and happy Thursday!!

My family and I will be on the hunt for some new family room furniture soon! (Well, I say "soon" but really it may not be for another year! Is that soon?)  :)
Because of this, I wanted to do a post about different kinds of family room seating out there on the market. My family and I would like to replace our used leather sofa with something more up-to-date and comfortable. In general, leather couches can be comfy, but our couch has a unique shape too (not an L-shape or a plain straight sofa, but it has more of a U-Shape?) which makes it hard to add decor and furnishings around this couch because our family room isn't large either.

I wanted to post some pictures of couches I recently looked up and they are ones that I love!!! We won't be purchasing one for a while because we need to save a little bit before we do that.  :)
In the meantime, it is fun to dream a little bit!
Rowan Grand Sofa
Rown Grand Sofa PB
I love the extra seating that this couch looks like it provides!

Rowan Armchair
Rowan Armchair PB
This armchair would go perfect with the sofa pictured above! I love it's simplicity and it looks super comfy too!
PB Comfort Upholstered Grand Sofa
Buchanan Apartment Sofa PB
This one may be a little too small for our room, but it looks classic.

Before I keep going, if you haven't noticed, all of these seating styles can be bought at Pottery Barn. Which means we need to save some major $$$ if we are going to splurge on a piece similar to what is being shown.
And moving on to some more pretty pictures....
Greenwich Sofa
Greenwich Sofa PB

Oohh...I love the lines of this sofa! Look at those dark wood legs!

PB Square Upholstered Sofa
Square Upholstered Sofa PB
This one is my favorite! It would be perfect for my family.
All of these are so elegant! They also look extremely comfortable, but with the high price tag, we need to wait to purchase something from there. I have heard that Pottery Barn's furniture is very sturdy and worth the high price which is always good to know.

Baylor Armchair
Baylor Armchair PB
I really the scroll arms in this chair. Looks like it wouldn't take up too much space in a room either.
Brighton Chair - Hampton Stripe
Brighton Chair- Hampton Stripe PB

The stripes on this chair are beautiful and the style looks timeless.
Brighton Chair - Ingrid Palampore
Brighton Chair- Ingrid Palampore PB
Probably wouldn't actually purchase this chair, but it does look fun!

On second thought...I may keep this chair in mind for the future.
Marcel Armchair
Marcel Armchair PB

The legs on this chair would match perfectly with our Thrift Store dresser turned T.V. stand.

This is our family room and you can see that the dark leather couch really brings weight to the room. Seeing these Pottery Barn images of sofas and armchairs really gets me excited about changing our older couch in for a newer one someday!  :)

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  1. I love that brighton chair! The stripes are so cute. Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit!!!

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    Thank you for your lovely comment!! :) I am so glad you were able to check out my blog, too. And thank you for hosting a Link Party on your lovely blog!



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